Today’s Declaration 6/30/14

Today's Declaration: "My motivation is love. No matter what I do, if it's not done with love, it's not worth doing." Be love today. Shalom ♥

Sprinkles and Showers

Today's word is "Sprinkles and Showers". I saw a map of the United States and then I saw a salt shaker above it. I saw the shaker begin to sprinkle salt all over the map, as it fell, it covered the map like snow. I heard the Lord say, "This is My Glory, which I … Continue reading Sprinkles and Showers

Today’s Declaration 6/26/14

Today's Declaration: "I give praise to God, the father of my Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed me with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because I am united with Christ. I pray for others, asking God to give spiritual wisdom and insight so they will grow in the knowledge of God, and that … Continue reading Today’s Declaration 6/26/14

Don’t Grasp Too Tightly

Today's word is "Don't grasp too tightly". The Lord showed me a picture of a little girl trying to grab a dandelion puff unsuccessfully. Every time she grabbed the puff tightly, she would open her hand and there would be nothing there. I then saw a dandelion puff blown off the flower in the slightest … Continue reading Don’t Grasp Too Tightly

Garment of Praise

Today’s word is “Garment of Praise” This is what the Lord showed me today: I was standing on the platform in the sanctuary at church watching people come in for service. As they passed through the doorway to the sanctuary, I saw angels remove their heavy backpacks and drape cloaks around each person. From my … Continue reading Garment of Praise