Month: April 2015

Today’s Declaration 4/30/15

Today’s Declaration:

“My attitude shapes my world and my words create it. I choose to speak words that create life, love and peace into the atmosphere.”

Think before you speak.


Today’s Declaration 4/29/15

Today’s Declaration:

“Joy comes in the morning. No matter what kind of sour lemons life throws at me and those I love, JOY is something I can hold on to! In the Presence of the Lord is the FULLNESS  of JOY! Weeping may endure for a night, but JOY comes in the morning!”

It’s a new day, a new dawn, a day filled with opportunity and blessing! Seek the Presence of God and be filled with JOY!


Praying for our Nation Week 7

Hello there!

I am delighted to know you are still on this journey with me! We are now entering week 7 and I’m looking forward to hearing testimonies!

This week’s directives:

  • Continue to tell your jar how much you love it, tell it how beautiful and abundant it is.
  • Give thanks to God that your state is a state who loves its people, from the pre-born to the elderly, that it values its people, and that it provides for its people.
  • Declare your state to have a Godly government. Thank the Lord for divine appointments and for Him to send out angelic hosts to thwart plots against the people.
  • Declare the land of your state to be healed.
  • Declare the sovereignty of the Lord over your state.

Blessings, Hugs and Love!!

Shalom 🙂

Today’s Declaration 4/27/15

Today’s Declaration:

“I am armed and dangerous – armed with the Word and Love, and dangerous because the armor I have been equipped with enables me to stand firm and move forward. My God goes before me and He is my rear guard, there are angels walking with me ready to fight. No weapon formed against me will prosper, for I am a formidable force in Christ.”

You are a formidable force.

Shalom! 🙂

Today’s Declaration 4/23/15

Today’s Declaration:

“I am capable because my God is able! I can do all things because Christ gives me strength, and all things are possible with Him. There is nothing too hard for my God, and everything He does is for my good. I am in Him and He in me.”

All things are possible!

Shalom! 🙂

Praying for the Nation Week 6

By now we are in the habit of declaring love and life to our jars of dirt. I don’t know what kind of answers to prayer you have begun to see in your state, but the last two days I’ve begun to hear stirrings of heavenly change! If you are new to this blog, you can read why we are talking to jars of dirt here: Praying for the Nation

Here is one article of how amazing God is!

As you know, I live in NY and have been praying over NY and my jar of dirt. One of the targets I have is to root out corruption on all levels. I’m not sure how much you know about NYS politics, but we have our share of corrupt politicians. God is moving and answering prayer, and if He will do it for me, He will do it for you! Here’s a recent article I found:

It is vital that we continue to press in and intercede. We are moving into a very tumultuous time as our next Presidential election is next year. The candidates are moving into position and are beginning to carve out their specific areas of political attack (which is also each other). As we begin to more politically target our prayers, we must remember to cover ourselves in prayer as well and not attack the spirit behind our political upheaval by ourselves. We must also remember to fast regularly as we progress. We are laying a foundation for generations to come to walk upon. Let us be sure to lay a solid foundation!

This week’s directives:

  • Declare love, life, abundance and blessing over your jar. Remind it how beautiful it is, declare the safety and happiness of the people who live there.
  • Speak life to your jar – life for the unborn, life for the elderly, life for the homeless, the broken, the downtrodden. Speak blessing and favor over them! Pray for a voice for the voiceless to rise up and not be silenced!
  • Declare the goodness of God and His favor over the local churches in your state. Declare unity and boldness to rise up and walk in the calling Christ has for each church.
  • Declare a new government over your state, one that governs with God’s righteousness and justice. Pray for a rooting out of corruption and security in the borders. Lift up those who would answer the stirring in their hearts from the Lord to enter into the political arena and pray for enemy agendas to be revealed and thwarted.
  • Pray for the people in your state to have hearts to receive, eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is speaking in this hour, and for them to have the courage to answer His call!

Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven (Matthew 18:19 NKJV).

Can two walk together, unless they are agreed (Amos 3: 3)?

We are on the front lines, the battle ground, but remember – we do not war against flesh and blood and God’s word does not return void! God recently downloaded this to my spirit:

“Have you not seen? Have you not heard? I will never go back on my Word! Do not be discouraged, do not be dismayed. I am with you, do not be afraid!”

Press in and push on! We are moving onward and upward!

Blessings, Hugs and Love,

Prudence 🙂

Today’s Declaration 4/22/15

Today’s Declaration:

“I have no need to worry, because God has provided for and taken care of anything and everything I cannot see. Worry only serves to twist and turn my thoughts into anxiousness. God knows my story from its beginning through to its end, and He has dotted every “i” and crossed every “t”. Therefore I can truly say “Thank You Lord!” and go about my day.”

You have been enabled to go about your day worry free!

Shalom! 🙂

Covered States 

I wanted to share what states I know for sure have coverage. I either have the jar of dirt, or an intercessor has sent me a picture of their jar of dirt. It is not necessary to send me your dirt right now, however I will not turn it away. My husband feels that when God tells me I’m finished praying, it will be his turn to take the next prophetic action and mix all the dirt together and plant sunflowers. How’s that for a United States!

On the map, those states with hearts are definitely covered. I am expecting dirt from a few others and will mark them when I receive them.


The Power of Song Lyrics

The other day I mentioned a conversation my Dude and I had and left you with this to think about: If our words are powerful and have the ability to affect our atmosphere, how powerful do you think song lyrics are..especially when many people are singing along with them?

A couple of weeks ago I was thinking about music. Music has been a major factor in my life, I prefer to have music playing rather than the TV. Growing up, everything I did had a musical background, and everywhere I went was accompanied by my Walkman (remember them?). What I never paid much attention to were the lyrics, as I was always captivated by the musical piece itself. This brings me to my first point – I love catchy beats, bass driven rhythms and soulful sounds. I love the sound of pianos, saxophones, acoustic guitars, violins, drums, etc…if the music grips me, I’m hooked – or at least it did. Because I never paid attention to the lyrics and blindly sang along with the words, I never realized what kind of a world I was creating for myself. And this carried on until I was saved in 2004. My musical world changed then.

What God revealed to me was that while music is a wonderful thing, Satan also uses it to capture the heart of those who fall for catchy beats and nothing else. If we took the time to break down every piece of secular music we listened or danced to, we would be shocked and appalled at what we are promoting! We wouldn’t allow our children to be subjected to it and we wouldn’t feed the dragon of greed by purchasing it. Music itself is so incredibly deep, it has the ability to capture and captivate and this is why we are so drawn to it. Music has no language or culture barrier, and is understood all over the world. Satan knows this and uses this.

As Ange and I talked more, he mentioned something about the lyrics to a rap song he used to listen to back in the day and he said how depressing they actually were. The Lord brought to mind how He created the world by speaking it into existence and how we have been given the ability to create. Because music is so universal, songs with lyrics that are depressing, degrading, vulgar, angry, chaotic, etc…are being sung into the air on a mass scale. This is part of the reason there is such turmoil, intolerance, vulgarity, degradation and its ilk in our world. We have sung along and validated these song lyrics mostly because of a catchy beat.

Then the Lord spoke to me about worshiping Him in song and lyric and how incredibly powerful it is to sing songs that tell of His great love, His great glory, His power, His majesty, our testimonies, etc. He reminded me that it is for our benefit that we worship this way because we then create a heavenly atmosphere around us. When we gather in corporate worship to sing to the Lord, we have a profound effect on the world around us, and within us. There is power in worship!

Do not let a catchy beat snare you, always be aware of the lyrics because it is the lyrics that create the atmosphere you walk in. So, I will leave you with this nugget again:  If our words are powerful and have the ability to affect our atmosphere, how powerful do you think song lyrics are..especially when many people are singing along with them?


Today’s Declaration 4/21/15

Today’s Declaration:

“I have been given a brand new day filled with opportunity for greatness! Whatever I sow today, I will harvest in my future. Since such a gift has been given to me, I choose to sow in love, peace and mercy. The harvest this brings is the beginnign of a revolution of LOVE.”

You have great opportunity today, sieze it!

Shalom 🙂

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