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Today’s Declaration 4/29/15

Today's Declaration: "Joy comes in the morning. No matter what kind of sour lemons life throws at me and those I love, JOY is something I can hold on to! In the Presence of the Lord is the FULLNESS  of JOY! Weeping may endure for a night, but JOY comes in the morning!" It's a… Continue reading Today’s Declaration 4/29/15

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Praying for our Nation Week 7

Hello there! I am delighted to know you are still on this journey with me! We are now entering week 7 and I'm looking forward to hearing testimonies! This week's directives: Continue to tell your jar how much you love it, tell it how beautiful and abundant it is. Give thanks to God that your… Continue reading Praying for our Nation Week 7

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Today’s Declaration 4/27/15

Today's Declaration: "I am armed and dangerous - armed with the Word and Love, and dangerous because the armor I have been equipped with enables me to stand firm and move forward. My God goes before me and He is my rear guard, there are angels walking with me ready to fight. No weapon formed… Continue reading Today’s Declaration 4/27/15

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Today’s Declaration 4/23/15

Today's Declaration: "I am capable because my God is able! I can do all things because Christ gives me strength, and all things are possible with Him. There is nothing too hard for my God, and everything He does is for my good. I am in Him and He in me." All things are possible!… Continue reading Today’s Declaration 4/23/15

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Praying for the Nation Week 6

By now we are in the habit of declaring love and life to our jars of dirt. I don't know what kind of answers to prayer you have begun to see in your state, but the last two days I've begun to hear stirrings of heavenly change! If you are new to this blog, you… Continue reading Praying for the Nation Week 6

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Today’s Declaration 4/22/15

Today's Declaration: "I have no need to worry, because God has provided for and taken care of anything and everything I cannot see. Worry only serves to twist and turn my thoughts into anxiousness. God knows my story from its beginning through to its end, and He has dotted every "i" and crossed every "t".… Continue reading Today’s Declaration 4/22/15

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The Power of Song Lyrics

The other day I mentioned a conversation my Dude and I had and left you with this to think about: If our words are powerful and have the ability to affect our atmosphere, how powerful do you think song lyrics are..especially when many people are singing along with them? A couple of weeks ago I… Continue reading The Power of Song Lyrics

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Today’s Declaration 4/21/15

Today's Declaration: "I have been given a brand new day filled with opportunity for greatness! Whatever I sow today, I will harvest in my future. Since such a gift has been given to me, I choose to sow in love, peace and mercy. The harvest this brings is the beginnign of a revolution of LOVE."… Continue reading Today’s Declaration 4/21/15