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The Power of Song Lyrics

The other day I mentioned a conversation my Dude and I had and left you with this to think about: If our words are powerful and have the ability to affect our atmosphere, how powerful do you think song lyrics are..especially when many people are singing along with them?

A couple of weeks ago I was thinking about music. Music has been a major factor in my life, I prefer to have music playing rather than the TV. Growing up, everything I did had a musical background, and everywhere I went was accompanied by my Walkman (remember them?). What I never paid much attention to were the lyrics, as I was always captivated by the musical piece itself. This brings me to my first point – I love catchy beats, bass driven rhythms and soulful sounds. I love the sound of pianos, saxophones, acoustic guitars, violins, drums, etc…if the music grips me, I’m hooked – or at least it did. Because I never paid attention to the lyrics and blindly sang along with the words, I never realized what kind of a world I was creating for myself. And this carried on until I was saved in 2004. My musical world changed then.

What God revealed to me was that while music is a wonderful thing, Satan also uses it to capture the heart of those who fall for catchy beats and nothing else. If we took the time to break down every piece of secular music we listened or danced to, we would be shocked and appalled at what we are promoting! We wouldn’t allow our children to be subjected to it and we wouldn’t feed the dragon of greed by purchasing it. Music itself is so incredibly deep, it has the ability to capture and captivate and this is why we are so drawn to it. Music has no language or culture barrier, and is understood all over the world. Satan knows this and uses this.

As Ange and I talked more, he mentioned something about the lyrics to a rap song he used to listen to back in the day and he said how depressing they actually were. The Lord brought to mind how He created the world by speaking it into existence and how we have been given the ability to create. Because music is so universal, songs with lyrics that are depressing, degrading, vulgar, angry, chaotic, etc…are being sung into the air on a mass scale. This is part of the reason there is such turmoil, intolerance, vulgarity, degradation and its ilk in our world. We have sung along and validated these song lyrics mostly because of a catchy beat.

Then the Lord spoke to me about worshiping Him in song and lyric and how incredibly powerful it is to sing songs that tell of His great love, His great glory, His power, His majesty, our testimonies, etc. He reminded me that it is for our benefit that we worship this way because we then create a heavenly atmosphere around us. When we gather in corporate worship to sing to the Lord, we have a profound effect on the world around us, and within us. There is power in worship!

Do not let a catchy beat snare you, always be aware of the lyrics because it is the lyrics that create the atmosphere you walk in. So, I will leave you with this nugget again:  If our words are powerful and have the ability to affect our atmosphere, how powerful do you think song lyrics are..especially when many people are singing along with them?


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