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Don’t Be An Ankle-Tied Cinderblock

Don't be an ankle-tied cinder-block. I logged onto today and saw that this was the verse of the day: If some have cause to celebrate, join in the celebration. And if others are weeping, join in that as well (Romans 12:15 VOICE). I thought about this same verse on my way to work this… Continue reading Don’t Be An Ankle-Tied Cinderblock

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Praying for the Nation Week 11

As we move into the 11th week of praying over our jars of dirt on behalf of our nation, I wanted to take a moment to remind us to pray for the other intercessors along on this journey. Each state will have its own territorial spirits, its own assigned strong men; we contend not only… Continue reading Praying for the Nation Week 11

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Today’s Declaration 5/26/15

Today's Declaration: "My God does math in a very different way from which I was taught in school, and His math is much better! If I desire MORE of something, I must GIVE it away. As I give it away, it comes back to me multiplied. Now that is math I can sink my teeth… Continue reading Today’s Declaration 5/26/15

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Praying for the Nation Week 10

I know, I'm just a tad behind in posting this. My husband and I were out of town last week and have been playing catch up at work and home since. ALL IS WELL however, and I accomplished the two things I set out to do while in VA last week. One was to see… Continue reading Praying for the Nation Week 10

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Don’t give up your future

I woke up this morning thinking about how many times we give up pieces of our future for instant gratification. I was reminded of Jacob and Esau. Esau let his birthright go in order to be immediately satisfied (Genesis 25: 29-33). There is something to be said of God's timing. David was anointed as king… Continue reading Don’t give up your future

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Praying for the Nations Week 9

Hello all! My husband and I are excited for our trip. We are currently on the road to DC. I'll be picking up Maryland dirt along the way, and Sunday I will be on Capitol soil. Guess what I'll be grabbing! Oh the prayers I'll be praying! Pray for us this weekend.  This week's directives:… Continue reading Praying for the Nations Week 9

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King of Glory

I've had the phrase "King of Glory" in my spirit for a while now. There is such power in that phrase, and in who HE is! I am blessed to serve with a worship team that loves spontaneous songs anointed with the Power and Presence of the Lord. Here's a taste from last week:

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Today’s Declaration 5/7/15

Today's Declaration: "I am merciful because My Father has been merciful towards me. I extend grace because great grace has been given to me. All that My Father has given to me I need to give to others. Hoarding His gifts does me no good, they shine when used for others! It's how love spreads!"… Continue reading Today’s Declaration 5/7/15

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Under Cover

Today's word is Under Cover. The Lord is moving in ways we are only beginning to see at this time. A few days ago He showed me a map of the United States. As I looked at this map, I began to see a blanket rippling and spreading across the nation from West to East.… Continue reading Under Cover