Month: May 2015

Don’t Be An Ankle-Tied Cinderblock

Don’t be an ankle-tied cinder-block.

I logged onto today and saw that this was the verse of the day:

If some have cause to celebrate, join in the celebration. And if others are weeping, join in that as well (Romans 12:15 VOICE).

I thought about this same verse on my way to work this morning, which coincided with something that has been on my mind for a bit now.

Whenever we make the decision to better ourselves, in any area, there will be people who don’t want us to rise. Some of these people will be those closest to us. Fear, jealousy and laziness are some of the reasons others don’t want us to climb higher, do better or grow up. We will know they are trying to hold us back by their words, actions and sabotage efforts – even if they don’t realize it themselves.

We must also be careful to not hold back those who have made the decision to better themselves. It makes no difference what it is – whether it is diet, education, relationship status, or spiritual life. Rejoice with those who are rejoicing, be support when needed! Weep with those who weep, and offer a shoulder to lean on!

If you find that you have a cinder-block tied to your ankle, or you are tying yourself to someone’s ankle – cut the rope! God has a purpose and a plan for each of us and we must not let dead weight hold us down, now must we be dead weight for others.

Shalom 🙂

Praying for the Nation Week 11

States I have either dirt from, or a picture of a jar of dirt.

States I have either dirt from, or a picture of a jar of dirt.

As we move into the 11th week of praying over our jars of dirt on behalf of our nation, I wanted to take a moment to remind us to pray for the other intercessors along on this journey. Each state will have its own territorial spirits, its own assigned strong men; we contend not only with them on a national level, but also state. Let us lift each other up to strengthen, encourage, edify and cover.

If we believe we have come up against a territorial spirit, let us enlist help and wait for the Holy Spirit to lead us into battle. We are not try to tackle this on our own, or outside of the Spirit’s timing.

As I traveled back home from Virginia last week with dirt from both Washington DC and Maryland and placed it in the cabinet with the other jars, I realized how careful I must be. My house is currently home to 14 jars of dirt from across the country, and one of them is the seat of our great nation, with more dirt on its way. Darkness cannot abide where light is and my home is a place where God resides, yet this will not stop darkness from trying to encroach. We have stirred up and ticked off our adversary, and while we may not yet see fruit or answers to our prayers in the natural, we have begun to cause a shift in the spiritual. I am asking for help praying for DC. We each are covering our respective states, but I am asking for support in praying for our nation’s capitol. I am sensing a lot of push-back in the spirit realm and cannot do this on my own.

Let us pray:

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for this great nation, for Your great grace, Your great mercy, Your great love! Thank You for counting us worthy of this calling and for equipping us to stand strong, stand firm and stand in faith, praying heaven into earth! Thank You for the covering of Your Shadow and the shelter of Your Wings, for we know we find rest there. We stand before You now, lifting up our Brothers and Sisters who have picked up the mantle of intercession for our nation, who are following Your prophetic act of speaking life and love over a jar of dirt; we ask for Your hand of blessing and favor over each of the intercessors – blessings of refreshment, revival, and renewal; blessings of stamina, endurance and strength; blessings of discernment, wisdom and strategic insight, and most importantly, the blessing of Your Presence. We understand there is no distance in the Spirit, may we be united in prayer for this nation, may we have wisdom in knowing the times and seasons, and may we connect with each other in the Spirit. There is no one like You, Father, and we know that what You have given us, it is for our benefit. So, as we lift up our shields of Faith, proudly and boldly wearing our helmets of salvation, breastplates of righteousness and belts of truth, knowing our feet are shod with the sandals of the Gospel of Peace and we are armed with the Sword of the Spirit, we stand firm and shout “Grace, Grace to it!”. We give You all glory, all honor, all praise and all worship. In Jesus’ name, we pray. AMEN!

This week’s directives:

  • Speak blessing, not cursing over your jar, remembering to tell it how much you love it and how much God loves it.
  • Speak healing over the land and agricultural areas.
  • Speak life and blessing over the children of your state. Generations to come must be covered.
  • For states getting hit hard with major weather patterns, Isaiah 59:19 came to mind today, as well as Mark 4:39. Pray for no loss of life, for missing to be found, and for angelic hosts to minister in those areas as needed.
  • Declare God’s righteous government within your state, for Christians to rise up and realize ministry is not only within “church” buildings, but also in political arenas, schools, legal fields, etc. Let us pray for a new definition of “ministry”!

Blessings, Hugs and Love!


Prudence 🙂

Today’s Declaration 5/26/15

Today’s Declaration:

“My God does math in a very different way from which I was taught in school, and His math is much better! If I desire MORE of something, I must GIVE it away. As I give it away, it comes back to me multiplied. Now that is math I can sink my teeth into!”

Do some God-math today!!

Shalom 🙂

Praying for the Nation Week 10

2015-05-18 11.27.49-1I know, I’m just a tad behind in posting this. My husband and I were out of town last week and have been playing catch up at work and home since. ALL IS WELL however, and I accomplished the two things I set out to do while in VA last week. One was to see my sister graduate from college and the other was to acquire dirt from DC and Maryland – SUCCESS!

While on vacation last week, I came across a Facebook posting from John Echkardt that I want to share with you. He lists 100 prayer points for cities and I believe we can expand them into our states and over our jars of dirt. What do you think?

Here is his list:

100 Prayer Points for Cities.

1. Prayer for Jesus to be glorified.
2. Prayer for Evangelistic Anointing to increase in your city.
3. Prayer for Apostolic Breakthrough believers to increase.
4. Prayer for the level of worship to increase.
5. Prayer for miracles and power of God to increase.
6. Prayer for immorality to be restrained in churches.
7. Prayer for Godly leaders to lead in churches
8. Prayer for an increase in finances for churches.
9. Prayer for the prophetic to increase in your region.
10. Prayer for deliverance to increase in your region.
11. Prayer for sound doctrine and teaching to increase.
12. Prayer for the youth to be ignited for revival.
13. Prayer for the government of your region.
14. Prayer for witchcraft and sorcery to be destroyed.
15. Prayer for church growth.
16. Prayer for land and property to be released.
17. Prayer for unity between churches.
18. Prayer for strife and division to be destroyed.
19. Prayer for carnality to be destroyed in churches.
20. Prayer for anointed ministries to be released.
21. Prayer for healing of sickness to increase.
22. Prayer for anointed preaching of the word.
23. Prayer for revelation to be increased.
24. Prayer for order in the churches.
25. Prayer for pastors and their families.
26. Prayer for men to come into the kingdom.
27. Prayer for marriages.
28. Prayer for the unmarried.
29. Prayer for revival in schools and colleges.
30. Prayer for perversion to be rebuked.
31. Prayer violence and death to be restrained.
32. Prayer against poverty and lack.
33. Prayer against gang violence and drug addiction.
34. Prayer against foreclosures and property loss.
35. Prayer for against terrorism.
35. Prayer against weather disasters.
36. Prayer against mass shootings.
37. Prayer against corruption and theft.
39. Prayer against mental illness.
40. Prayer for transportation systems.
41. Prayer against excessive taxation.
42. Prayer against false ministries in your region.
43. Prayer against the spirit of control in churches.
44. Prayer for backsliders to return to God.
45. Prayer for the kingdom to advance in your region.
46. Prayer for the right people to be elected.
47. Prayer Holy Spirit to be poured out.
48. Prayer for unusual miracles and visitations.
49. Prayer for mass conversions.
50. Prayer for the media to be opened for churches.
51. Prayer for ungodly laws to be stopped and overturned.
52. Prayer for the righteous to be promoted.
53. Prayer for the wicked to be exposed.
54. Prayer for favor for churches and ministries.
55. Prayer against witches and the occult.
56. Prayer for angelic intervention.
57. Prayer for apostolic strategies.
58. Prayer for an increase of wisdom.
59. Prayer for the fear of the Lord to come into the region.
60. Prayer for creative miracles.
61. Prayer for economic growth in your region.
62. Prayer for new technologies.
63. Prayer for racial reconciliation.
64. Prayer against racism and injustice.
65. Prayer the release of apostolic teams.
66. Prayer against lukewarmness in churches.
67. Prayer against false religions and temples.
68. Prayer for widows.
69. Prayer for the elderly.
70. Prayer for the homeless.
71. Prayer against abortion and murder.
72. Prayer against teen pregnancy and illegitimacy.
73. Prayer for inner cities to be rebuilt.
74. Prayer for people incarcerated.
75. Prayer for emerging ministries.
76. Prayer for bible schools and ministry training.
77. Prayer for christian bookstores and businesses.
78. Prayer for visions and dreams to manifest.
79. Prayer for love to increase.
80. Prayer for ushers and helps ministries.
81. Prayer for children’s church.
82. Prayer for police and fire departments.
83. Prayer for military bases.
84. Prayer for hospitals and nursing homes.
85. Prayer against crime and vice.
86. Prayer for family restoration.
87. Prayer against unemployment.
88. Prayer for safety and protection of cities.
89. Prayer to expose satanic and demonic agendas.
90. Prayer for anointed psalmists and minstrels.
91. Prayer for church administrators.
92. Prayer for the creative and godly arts.
93. Prayer for new things to be released.
94. Prayer for God’s mercy over our cities.
95. Prayer against legalism and religious bondage.
96. Prayer honor to be restored to the church.
97. Prayer against church and ministry scandals.
98. Prayer for the gates of the city to be opened to the King.
99. Prayer for the gatekeepers of the city/region.
100. Prayer for Revival.

Remember to continually speak LOVE and LIFE over your jar, speak Scripture to it, declare God’s goodness over it. Preach the Kingdom to your jar and watch everything else fall into place!

Blessings, Hugs and Love!


Prudence 🙂

Don’t give up your future

I woke up this morning thinking about how many times we give up pieces of our future for instant gratification. I was reminded of Jacob and Esau. Esau let his birthright go in order to be immediately satisfied (Genesis 25: 29-33).

There is something to be said of God’s timing. David was anointed as king when he was a young boy, however, God did not seat him as king until many years later. He had to grow into his anointing and train accordingly. He was seated at the precise time God had for him, and he did not have to give up pieces of his future to get there.

We live in a time where most things are easily accessible to us, yet once received, the satisfaction doesn’t linger and appreciation for it is almost non-existent. Strategically hidden within our “get it now” culture are spirits of lethargy and laziness. You see, when we seek to have all our wants met NOW, we lose the importance of the work it takes to obtain them. It is work to be patient and wait, but it is in this work where we increase our endurance and stamina. It is work to grow into our anointing, but it is in this work that our anointing ignites our effectiveness. It is work to remain still, but it is in this work where we hone our skills and train accordingly.

God’s timing is always perfect. He is never early and He is never late, we must discern the time and act appropriately. Do not surrender pieces of your future for the lure of immediate satisfaction. Move only when the Lord says “move”.


Praying for the Nations Week 9

Hello all!

My husband and I are excited for our trip. We are currently on the road to DC. I’ll be picking up Maryland dirt along the way, and Sunday I will be on Capitol soil. Guess what I’ll be grabbing! Oh the prayers I’ll be praying!

Pray for us this weekend. 

This week’s directives:

  • Remember to speak love to your jar and declare your gratitude for it.
  • Proclaim truth, righteousness and justice to prevail in your state government.
  • Declare your state to be lovers of its people and the Church.

The more love you give, the more love you will have to give.




I love how God always confirms what He’s doing. This is why we are praying. I will soldier on with this mandate until He tells me I am finished.

King of Glory

I’ve had the phrase “King of Glory” in my spirit for a while now. There is such power in that phrase, and in who HE is!

I am blessed to serve with a worship team that loves spontaneous songs anointed with the Power and Presence of the Lord. Here’s a taste from last week:

Today’s Declaration 5/7/15

Today’s Declaration:

“I am merciful because My Father has been merciful towards me. I extend grace because great grace has been given to me. All that My Father has given to me I need to give to others. Hoarding His gifts does me no good, they shine when used for others! It’s how love spreads!”

Spread some love today!

Shalom 🙂

Under Cover

Today’s word is Under Cover.

The Lord is moving in ways we are only beginning to see at this time. A few days ago He showed me a map of the United States. As I looked at this map, I began to see a blanket rippling and spreading across the nation from West to East. It was baby blue and appeared to be of a very soft, flowing fabric. It reminded me of shaking out blankets to spread them across a bed.

I heard His Spirit say “I AM answering the cries of My children! I have heard your prayers and I have dispatched your answers. Look around you in the spirit, can you not feel My wind and hear My whisper? Look around you, can you not see My hand? I AM covering this land and breathing into it. Do not give up, do not back down at what you see around you. Stay under the cover of My Spirit, hidden in My Shadow. I WILL prevail!”

The Lord spread a cloud above them as a covering and gave them a great fire to light the darkness (Psalm 105:39 NLT).

Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Please don’t be angry, my Lord,” Abraham pleaded. “Let me speak—suppose only thirty righteous people are found?” And the Lord replied, “I will not destroy it if I find thirty (Genesis 18:30).

Whatever it is you are praying and believing for, do not stop! We won’t always see an immediate answer to our prayer, but God is always working. He’s detail oriented and therefore, He often works things out in the background so that when we receive our answer, it’s the answer we absolutely need! He truly is for us, never against. Don’t believe the lies that state otherwise for they are lies!

Shalom 🙂

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