Month: August 2015

Today’s Declaration 8/31/15

Today’s Declaration:

“My past does not define me, it is the springboard for my future. I let go of what once was and open my hands to receive all that God has for me TODAY. I am not who I was, but I am who He says I am NOW.”

Go be you. 🙂


Praying for the Nation, Week 24 – Advance the Kingdom

matthew 633I realize it’s been three weeks since I last sent out prayer directives, but I trust you are continuing to do what God has said to do. This is a hard road to walk sometimes as an intercessor, but know that our prayer is not in vain. Our walking out the prophetic act and doing what God has told us to do will be fruitful. We may not see an answer right this minute, but we must remember God will often work in seasons. Right now we are sowing love in intercession, sowing tears, sowing prophetic declarations and sowing blessings over our nation when we speak to the jars of dirt. Just as in the natural, we must allow time for these things to sink in, take root and grow before we see fruit.

As we pray, declare, decree, prophesy and speak over our jars, we are facilitating the advance of the Kingdom. There is a deluge of prophetic words coming forth from Camp Gloom and Doom and its negative Nelly’s who want us to stop what we are doing, hang and shake our heads in agreement with the coming “judgment”, and stop trying to occupy the land the Lord has given us. Remember, we are not called to agree with Camp Gloom and Doom, we have been enlisted into Camp Grace and Love for the distinct purpose of speaking love back into our nation.

Be careful, little ears, what you hear. Be careful, little eyes, what you see. Guard your gates well. I do believe there is a shaking coming, however, not the fear-mongering, run for your life, whack your brain against your skull shaking, but a love shaking. One that bewilders us with the glory of God, that knocks us to our knees in awe of Him and His Goodness. A shaking that fills us with wonder and gladness. The joy of His Presence.

Stay obedient, press in and continue to declare love.


  • Speak words of love, life and affirmation over your jar of dirt. Remind it of the love God had when He spoke the land into existence and how He called it good.
  • Declare your state to have love for all of it’s people, from pre-born to elderly, for it to be compassionate and gracious.
  • Declare a rising up of God’s people into the secular, educational and political arenas in order to demonstrate Kingdom principals and Kingdom authority.
  • Speak over the local Church in your state, prophesy unity, Kingdom advancement and Kingdom equality.

One day the Pharisees asked Jesus, “When will the Kingdom of God come?” Jesus replied, “The Kingdom of God can’t be detected by visible signs. You won’t be able to say, ‘Here it is!’ or ‘It’s over there!’ For the Kingdom of God is already among you” (Luke 17: 20-21 NLT).

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and he will give you everything you need (Luke 12:31).


Today’s Declaration 8/27/15

Today’s Declaration:

“Wherever I am, the Kingdom is. The Spirit of the Lord is with me, permeating the atmosphere. I am Kingdom oriented because I am a child of God.”

Know who you are.

Shalom! 🙂

Praying for the Nation Week 21 – Kicking the Bee’s Nest

We have been set up – in a good way and on different levels. If we actually pay attention to what the media reports, we can easily become discouraged. The good news is we don’t have to! We are moving mountains and pushing things into alignment in the spiritual realm which is then reflecting in the natural.

Earlier this week the Lord showed me a bee’s nest. My first impression was of hornets, but it did not matter. Whatever species, they were aggressively defending their nest. I then saw smoke rising up and realized they were being kicked out of their nest. The Lord then said He was using us to kick the bee’s nest and smoke them out. So, what we are seeing and hearing in the natural is the result of us disrupting their living space in the spiritual. Absolutely fun!!

I have a healthy respect for bees. When I was a teenager, I worked at a summer camp for six weeks. My job duties rotated every two weeks. The first week it was my turn for grounds keeping, I was mowing the lawn along the fence surrounding the camp pool and ran over a yellow jacket hive. I was stung numerous times and the pain was something I really haven’t forgotten. Praise God I did not have an allergy. Bee’s will protect any threat near their home.

As we pray and speak life to our jars of dirt, we are kicking the hive and disrupting the living space of the enemy. Just like bees will build their nests wherever they find an ideal spot, our enemy has built his nest in ideal areas across this nation. We must continue to war the good war, and not grow weary based on what we see happening around us.

This week’s directives:

  • Always speak words of love and life to your jar of dirt. Remind it of its worth, its necessity and how much our Father loves it. Speak blessing to it, never curse.
  • Continue to declare your state’s love for its people, from pre-born to elderly, tell it how valued all life is.
  • Declare God’s governmental authority within the political arena within your state, on every level; for them to have boldness and courage to remain steadfast, for them to have love for all and not seek to push a specific agenda, but to have compassion for the people they represent and boldness to represent the people.
  • Declare a revealing of the hidden agendas, schemes and plots of the enemy so the people may see and understand, for each state to have clarity of vision, discernment and wisdom.
  • Love all you come in contact  with no matter the background, belief structure, lifestyle. Love covers, love conquers and love never fails (Proverbs 10:12; Proverbs 17:19; Romans 8: 37; 1 Corinthians 13:8)!

As we continue to do what the Lord has called us to do regarding this mandate, we will see and hear of many things that desire to keep us from moving forward. My dear brothers and sisters, stay firmly planted—be unshakable—do many good works in the name of God, and know that all your labor is not for nothing when it is for God (1 Corinthians 15:58 Voice).

Keep on keeping on! God is moving and answering our prayers!

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