Month: October 2015

Today’s Declaration 10/30/15

Today’s Declaration:

“My soul’s desire is to live with Papa all of my days, in the shadow of His temple, beholding His beauty and pondering His ways in the company of His people. Papa’s house is my shelter and secret retreat. It is there I find peace in the midst of storm and turmoil. Safety sits with me there in His hiding place. He sets me on a rock, high above the fray. Papa lifts me high above those with thoughts of death and deceit that call for my life. I will enter His presence, offering sacrifices and praise. In His house, I am overcome with joy as I sing, yes, and play music for Him alone.”

There is nothing like the presence of Papa.


Today’s Declaration 10/29/15

Today’s Declaration:

“I am not a failure if my plans do not succeed, I simply need to step back and reassess how I tried to implement them. If my steps were not in line with Papa’s, then I will not succeed according to His purpose. Failures do not dictate my identity, they are the stepping stones to fully recognizing my true self according to Papa.”

Failure is not who you are.



Today’s Word “Still”

The Lord showed me a war zone, complete with active battles and engaged warriors. Sitting amidst the dusty haze of fighting was a person, quiet and observant, yet the facial expression was one of peace. I sensed that this person was confident in this particular state, and had been resting there for quite awhile.

I heard the Lord say “Be still and know that I AM God, I AM the one who gives rest. I AM aware of the battles that rage around you, do not engage until I tell you. This is your season of rest. Do not give in to the temptation to arise and fight, be still and know that I AM fighting for you, be still and know that I AM preparing your way, be still and know that I AM God.”

“The Lord Himself will fight for you. Just stay calm (Exodus 14:14 NLT).

“He said “Listen all you people of Judah and Jersualem! Listen, King Jehoshaphat! This is what the Lord says: Do not be afraid! Don’t be discouraged by this mighty army, for the battle is not yours, but God’s” (2 Chronicles 20: 15).

“The LORD of Heaven’s armies is here among us; the God of Israel is our fortress (Psalm 46:11).

“Have you not seen
Have you not heard
I will never go back on My word.

Do not be discouraged
Do not be dismayed
I AM with you, do not be afraid” (song of the Lord earlier 2015).

Today’s Declaration 10/27/15

Today’s Declaration:

“I am a daughter of the best Papa. He withholds no good thing from me. My inheritance is heaven based and all that He has is mine to ask for. I ask for big things, and He never fails to deliver. When I call on Papa, He not only shows me great and mighty things, He gives them. His love for me is greater than I may possibly hope to understand. I love my Papa.”

No good thing is withheld from you.


Praying for the Nation – Disrupting Agendas

speak-lifeI realize it has been quite a while since I last sent out prayer directives for our nation. We have been simply maintaining our trajectory, continuing on with where God previously directed us to pray. He has, by no means, lifted the mandate, although some of us may not feel as driven to press in as in the past. We are, however, to keep on keeping on! Over the years I have learned that intercession is often a matter of being persistent even if there does not seem to be forward movement. We must never lose heart, even if we feel we are getting nowhere. Always trust that God is on the move. ๐Ÿ™‚

While I have not gotten any “smack me in the face” specific direction from the Holy Spirit outright, I have had the rumblings of one word in my spirit over the last month and that is “agenda”. Upon further reflection, this is where we are now to begin directing our intercession. We must press in for the hidden agenda of the enemy to be revealed and frustrated, and for the agenda of heaven to enter into the earthly realm. Our prayers must be filled with mercy and love, grace and truth; we must not pray from hearts of bitterness, but hearts of love. Life is in the language of heaven. When we speak heaven’s language, we speak life into all things. This is how we disable and disrupt the enemy’s agenda.

Our directives:

  • Continue to speak life and love to your jar of dirt; speak words of faith, of mercy; declare God’s faithfulness and His great joy! Play worship music, read Scripture, minister to the jar. Remember, this is a prophetic act and what we do in faith like this, we release into the spirit realm.
  • Intercede for a revelation of the enemy’s plans, for them to be turned and used for good, for God’s plans to prevail. Remember to enlist prayer help when you get pushback from any territorial spirits in your area. Do not engage on your own, always seek the Holy Spirit for guidance.
  • Never accept any negative words regarding your state, the political, educational, agricultural, governmental, family, etc arenas – always bless, do not curse. There is a positive for every negative, we must discern the positive and disengage the negative.

Thank you for continuing on with me. God is at work and things are happening!

Blessings, hugs and love,

Prudence ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s Declaration 10/26/15

Today’s Declaration:

“The words that I speak activate things in the atmosphere around me, therefore I choose to speak only things that build up, that plant, that edify, that love, that reveal truth, that bring grace and that usher heaven into earth. I will sucker punch every negative word that the enemy whispers, turning it on its heel and sending it packing. I will no longer be stuck in a place of “if it’s God’s will”, I will speak life and love, for that is the will of God always.”

Speak life-giving words and sucker-punch death-giving ones.

Shalom! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s Declaration 10/23/15

Today’s Declaration:

“I will sing to Papa, and declare how amazing He is. I will sing along with all creation. Papa loves the sound of my voice and He holds me in the palm of His hand, close to His heart. He rejoices over me and calls me Daughter. It is my joy to know Him, He truly is my strength and my song.”

Go ahead, sing!

Shalom! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s Declaration 10/22/15

Today’s Declaration:

“I am the apple of Papa’s eye, He keeps close watch over me and shelters me in the shadow of His wings.I am safe in His company and His embrace strengthens me. I need only be still and rest where He is. My hope is to continuously see His face, and the longing of my soul is satisfied in the glow of His presence. ”

You are the apple of your Papa’s eye, you really are!

Shalom! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s Declaration 10/21/15

Today’s Declaration:

“Papa protects me because my safety is known in the moments I seek Him. The only real good in this world is found in Him alone. Papa is my sustenance and my life-giving cup. In that cup, He holds my future and my eternal riches. My home is surrounded in beauty; He has gifted me with abundance and a rich legacy. I will bless Papa, whose wise teaching orchestrates my days and centers my mind at night. He is ever present with me; at all times He goes before me. I will not live in fear or abandon my calling because He stands at my right hand. This is a good lifeโ€”my heart is glad, my soul is full of joy, and my body is at rest. Who could want for more? Papa directs me on the path that leads to a beautiful life. As I walk with Him, the pleasures are never-ending, and I know true joy and contentment.”

Experience true joy and contentment – sit in the secret place.

Shalom! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s Declaration 10/19/15

Today’s Declaration:

“My feet are firmly planted in the Rock that is Christ. I cannot be shaken, nor can I be moved. He directs my steps and enables me to do all things. His love for me is overwhelming and His grace is sufficient. He is my Peace, my Strength, my Source and He is all I need.”

Where are your feet planted?

Shalom! ๐Ÿ™‚

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