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Some things learned along the way

Facebook has this wonderful new thing called "On this day", which shows you what you posted on this day all the years you've been on Facebook. I love looking back on these memories, for I can see growth in myself. I can also see the shift from when I posted primarily all original thoughts to… Continue reading Some things learned along the way

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Today’s Declaration 11/24/15

Today's Declaration: "I was not made to be afraid. Fear has no power over, nor any place within me. I have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Perfect love drives out fear, therefore terror in the night cannot touch me. I am covered by love, hidden… Continue reading Today’s Declaration 11/24/15

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Today’s Declaration

Today's Declaration: "I am a warrior. I walk in the opposite spirit from that which attempts to attack me, and one of the weapons in my arsenal is the fruit of the Spirit. When my enemy seeks to destroy me with contempt, I will react with kindness and love; when he tries to knock me… Continue reading Today’s Declaration

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Today’s Declaration 11/18/15

Today's Declaration: "I am uniquely me. Papa has made me one of a kind, there is no other. His hands created me for a specific purpose to be fulfilled with the specific talents and gifts He has given me. No one else can do what I can do; oh, it may look similar, but it… Continue reading Today’s Declaration 11/18/15

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Do the Needful

Do the Needful These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs (Matthew 6:32 NLT). Years ago I worked as a property tax research specialist for a company who did outsource work for a well known nationwide mortgage company. Their customer service department was outsourced as well, to… Continue reading Do the Needful

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Today’s Declaration 11/17/15

Today's Declaration: "Heaven and earth collide at the sound of my praise for it is one of the powerful tools in the box Papa has given me. It accompanies worship, love, grace, kindness and peace. These are the tools that build relationships, set things in motion, and pierce the hearts of those who are looking… Continue reading Today’s Declaration 11/17/15

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Preach Liberty

I've been thinking a lot about religion. Many people associate religion with Christianity. True Christianity is not religion, although I can see how the two would become synonymous since many who call themselves Christian preach religion. There are differences between the two. Religion complicates the gospel. It is binding and requires conformity to a standard.… Continue reading Preach Liberty

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Today’s Declaration 11/12/15

Today's Declaration: "Papa loves me. His love is the heartbeat of my soul, the go-go juice in my spirit, and the gravy for my bread. His love is the reason I can love, and I'll tell ya- once you understand the depth, the width and the breadth of the love that Papa has for you,… Continue reading Today’s Declaration 11/12/15

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Today’s Declaration 11/11/15

Today's Declaration: "Papa has given me everything I need to succeed. As an heir to heaven, all that it has is mine to ask for. Because of Christ, I am able to do all things and nothing is impossible. My Papa loves me and I'm content in that love." All of heaven is yours, just… Continue reading Today’s Declaration 11/11/15