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Soapbox Rant part. 2

 In addition to my post yesterday, my heart breaks for the Church Body. We have allowed ourselves to become so fragmented, segmented and divided by the religious spirit and its cronies that we seem to have forgotten what it means to love one another. Modern technology is a wondrous thing, offering different mediums by which we can connect socially, educational opportunities at our fingertips, global news reporting, etc. All in real time, mostly. These are some of the positive things, but there are negatives. Much of what we can access may not always be true. Things such as editing for time/content, photoshop techniques, false reporting for ratings, writing opinion based articles and perpetrating them as fact, and the like are rampant and usually posted in prominent places. We need a very discerning spirit to separate fiction from fact.

There is no exact script for preaching the Gospel, nor is there a cookie cutter way to evangelize. Papa created us as individuals who react in different ways to different stimuli, and we perceive things differently from each other. This is part of Creation. All one has to do is really look at things and notice that though they are alike, a closer inspection reveals subtle differences. I’m convinced Papa loves variety. Based on this, I have always believed that since we are the Church and we have been given diversified individual gifts, our actual church houses will also be given these gifts. 

Papa gave us apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers (Ephesians 4: 11-16), to me it makes sense that we would have churches gifted in one or more of these gifts. Not every church is evangelistic, nor every pastor, we need churches that can be nurseries for the new believers, but then we also need churches that are meaty enough to strengthen us. As a body, we need churches flowing in all the gifts or even some of the gifts because we need to learn together how to walk this out and advance the Kingdom. This is how we grow! We must not be so judgmental about what one church does that we surmise it shouldn’t do. We are to be fruit inspectors, not crap talkers about other ministries. 

It is a form of pride the religious spirit stirs up, and it loves when we get all judgey about someone else’s ministry. Especially when modern technology feeds our negative attitudes about it. Keep in mind, technology allows for something called “editing” and the religious spirit loves to “edit” to the point all that’s left is the negative. And then it will parade its point so that the “moral and righteously angry” Christians grab hold and begin to tear others apart. It has essentially programmed us to focus on the negative and overlook the positive.

Church, we really need a heart shift. We must stop letting this spirit run rampant by stopping the spread of negativity about different ministries. It doesn’t matter what they do, they have to answer to God. If we don’t like what we find, we must take it to God in prayer, not defame them. We don’t know who these other ministries reach, but we know Papa didn’t make any junk. 

The only opinion that matters is Papa’s and that is good enough for me. 

1 Samuel 24: 6-7 “And he said to his men, “The Lord forbid that I should do this thing to my master, the Lord’s anointed, to stretch out my hand against him, seeing he is the anointed of the Lord.” So David restrained his servants with these words, and did not allow them to rise against Saul. And Saul got up from the cave and went on his way.”

Praying for the Nation: Soapbox Rant

I am convinced the devil loves politics, especially when “moral and righteous” Christians decry, accuse and defame each other over political candidates. This election season has one difference than past years; we have a candidate who is not a career politician and this has caused (gasp!) extreme moral and righteous judgment from Christians towards each other!

I am sick of this behavior, really. It is bad enough our pool of candidates act like spoiled children who refuse to share the sandbox and want to blame the other parties for the cat poo they stuck their hand in, but to have Christians verbally bashing, insulting and condemning each other online for their individual political views is absolutely ridiculous. Not only does this devalue our credibility with non-believers, but it defames the name of Christ. It is this behavior that gives the religious spirit free reign.

Let me remind you that one person cannot do for this country what only Jesus can do. It is not the President’s sole responsibility to set the morals for this nation, it is ours. If we really desire to see change in this nation, it will have to be fought in the courts of Heaven. Intercession is one of the keys, and I mean intercession in agreement with the Holy Spirit. We must be careful not to agree with spirits that seek to manipulate the hand of God, but to discern what is being spoken in the courtroom of Heaven.

Stop giving the devil ground. Speak life, love and hope over this nation; agree with Heaven for its destiny and push for Kingdom advancement.



I’ve been thinking quite a bit about unity, especially unity within the Body of Christ. I’m coming up on a year with the mandate to pray over jars of dirt from every states and unity has been one thing I’ve been praying for. 
For many, unity means complete agreement in every area. If we were made each to be unique and gifted in different areas, it is not feasible to believe we all must agree on every point in every situation. Our point of reference will always differ from someone else and our perception shapes our reality.

When we all agree on every point in every situation, we are not united, we are clones. The Body of Christ was not told to breed clones, we are called to make disciples. Too many people equate unity with absolute agreement.

I love how Papa reveals things to me. He showed me that unity is harmonious and He used a meal to do it. Imagine entering a dining area and you are greeted with the smells of well seasoned meat, aromatic side dishes and scents of sweetness. You then sit down and in front of you is the most exquisite banquet with a vast array of meats, fruits, vegetables, grains and wines. Every succulent morsel of food is a vacation for your taste buds. You savor every bite and you look forward to your next one. You taste of everything at the table, and you are delighted with all of it. The taste of the meal lingers on your tongue and is etched in your memory for some time after, and you are drawn to the memory often in hopes to sit down to it once again. 

Unity in the Body of Christ is like this meal, our differences come together to create something magnificent that reaches others and leaves a lasting memory. Our unique perspectives and talents were designed to work together, offering balance and seasoning to the calling Papa has given us to advance the kingdom of Heaven. 

Celebrate disagreements, they add flavor to relationships and challenge to the group-think mentality. Be unified, not cloned!

Shalom 🙂

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