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Soapbox Rant part. 2

 In addition to my post yesterday, my heart breaks for the Church Body. We have allowed ourselves to become so fragmented, segmented and divided by the religious spirit and its cronies that we seem to have forgotten what it means to love one another. Modern technology is a wondrous thing, offering different mediums by which we… Continue reading Soapbox Rant part. 2

Christianity, Praying for the Nation

Praying for the Nation: Soapbox Rant

I am convinced the devil loves politics, especially when "moral and righteous" Christians decry, accuse and defame each other over political candidates. This election season has one difference than past years; we have a candidate who is not a career politician and this has caused (gasp!) extreme moral and righteous judgment from Christians towards each… Continue reading Praying for the Nation: Soapbox Rant

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I've been thinking quite a bit about unity, especially unity within the Body of Christ. I'm coming up on a year with the mandate to pray over jars of dirt from every states and unity has been one thing I've been praying for.  For many, unity means complete agreement in every area. If we were… Continue reading Unity