Christianity, Praying for the Nation

Praying for the Nation: Soapbox Rant

I am convinced the devil loves politics, especially when “moral and righteous” Christians decry, accuse and defame each other over political candidates. This election season has one difference than past years; we have a candidate who is not a career politician and this has caused (gasp!) extreme moral and righteous judgment from Christians towards each other!

I am sick of this behavior, really. It is bad enough our pool of candidates act like spoiled children who refuse to share the sandbox and want to blame the other parties for the cat poo they stuck their hand in, but to have Christians verbally bashing, insulting and condemning each other online for their individual political views is absolutely ridiculous. Not only does this devalue our credibility with non-believers, but it defames the name of Christ. It is this behavior that gives the religious spirit free reign.

Let me remind you that one person cannot do for this country what only Jesus can do. It is not the President’s sole responsibility to set the morals for this nation, it is ours. If we really desire to see change in this nation, it will have to be fought in the courts of Heaven. Intercession is one of the keys, and I mean intercession in agreement with the Holy Spirit. We must be careful not to agree with spirits that seek to manipulate the hand of God, but to discern what is being spoken in the courtroom of Heaven.

Stop giving the devil ground. Speak life, love and hope over this nation; agree with Heaven for its destiny and push for Kingdom advancement.


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