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Today is named LIGHT because we are filled with the Light of Christ. Through us darkness is exposed, heaven is advanced and miracles abound. Living in the light enables us to live in the Holy Spirit's power. Let us make the most of every opportunity. "For once you were full of darkness, but now you… Continue reading Light

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New Book Announcement

A few years ago I published a series on the blog call 30 Days of Prayer for Families. I have decided to unpublish them from the blog and instead compile these into book format. The book is currently in the editing stage, so long nights and re-writes are expected. Please pray for me as I… Continue reading New Book Announcement

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Today is named ROOTS because our root system can often determine our health. Roots that are healthy are planted in fertile soil, watered and given adequate room. This gives the plant (or us) a solid foundation for health. Fertilizer for our root systems should be filled with love, prayer, the Word and heavenly things. Healthy… Continue reading Roots

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Today is named KNOWN because Papa knows us intimately and better than we know ourselves. He knows the thoughts and intents of our hearts, and the number of hair on our heads. He knows our future. and He knows our past and through it all, He loves us! He knows our name and the deepest… Continue reading Known

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Today is named MASTERPIECE because we are handcrafted by Papa. We are masterpieces of beauty, talent, creativity and heaven's poetry. We are amazing and amazingly loved. Papa's DNA is within us and as a result we are destined for great things. Shine like the masterpiece you are! "For we are the product of His hand,… Continue reading Masterpiece

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Praying for the Nation – Presidential Prayer

My family and I arrived back home yesterday after a cross country drive to New Mexico. We celebrated a couple of major life events with my sisters' and their families, finally having all siblings and spouses in one room. This has been a difficult feat as my sisters and spouses are a part of military… Continue reading Praying for the Nation – Presidential Prayer

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Today is named BLESSED because despite our circumstances, we are blessed. There is always a reason to feel blessed and a way to bless others. We simply have to choose to look for it. Gratitude flows from hearts that understand their blessings and blessings abound from hearts that are grateful. You are blessed, now bless… Continue reading Blessed

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Shine Today is named SHINE because we each are the bright spot within our circle of influence. As we shine, there will be non-believers drawn to our light; think of it as moths to flames. The light of Christ within us draws them, we are to shine so bright and warm they desire to stay.… Continue reading Shine

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Today is named REJOICE because rejoicing is good for our spiritual health. Rejoicing in all things helps to focus us on what Papa may be doing instead of focusing only on what we face, whether good or not so good. It is a tool to help us remember Papa has our back and is speaks… Continue reading Rejoice