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Praying for the Nation – Thoughts

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit (Proverbs 18:21 NKJV).

As an intercessor with a national mandate, I have let the enemy silence me for too long in praying for the state of our nation and the current political climate. Earlier this week I had a moment where I realized I had a crack in my armor that had been sneakily exploited. Well, after some time with the Holy Spirit, we have exterminated the infiltrators and sealed the crack so that it is no longer even visible.

At the beginning of the call to pray over jars of dirt for this nation, the Lord deeply impressed upon me that I was to bless and not curse, and to instruct the intercessors who joined me to do the same. It has been a difficult journey, and while going through my silence, I did not bless as I should have. Forgive me.

Getting back on track – I am deeply, deeply disturbed, heartbroken and saddened by the level of condemnation, conflict and cursing (not swear words) coming from the mouths of professed Believers. So, I’m going to share some thoughts.

As for our political candidates, let us not forget they are human and Jesus died for them. It is not our place to decide who is telling the truth about conversion, or who is truly evil and hell bound. That is a judgment ascribed to God Himself. We do not see Jesus, who was the very representation of God, condemning anyone while He walked the earth. We must be very, very cautious of the words we speak over our candidates, and nation. Most of the reason we are in our current situation is because of careless and thoughtless word curses and manipulative prayers spoken. We must utilize wisdom and discernment to see beyond the natural realm. It is NOT the person, it is the spirit behind them influencing their decisions and that is who we need to be praying against. Look at who they surround themselves with, read between the lines of what they say and watch body language. I truly believe God does not speak one word to one person and an opposite word to another. That is not the nature of God. He desires unity, He will not sow discord and chaos. It is imperative that we stop listening to the impostor’s voice, which feeds our personal belief structure, values, denominational beliefs and opinions. We must NOT pray our opinions over people, instead, discern for ourselves that which is the True word of God and His heart in the situation.

It is perfectly okay to have a differing opinion and perspective than someone else, this is the beauty of uniqueness; it is not okay to spew hatred for another’s opinion and perspective without first considering what their particular point of view is. You and I may witness the same event, yet we will have differing perspectives of what actually happened based on where we were watching from, how close or far, whether or not we could hear the conversation or if we were or were not personally involved. It is time to step out of our comfort zones and consider others more than ourselves.

My personal take on this election system is that we are not voting for a person, we are voting for our future. We are voting for the Spirit, but we have to understand that there are also other spirits at play that want in on the action. As the Church, we must not be so quick to denounce one another because someone plans to vote for one candidate over another, or refuses to vote at all. I believe there is a Jezebel spirit at work, and where there is Jezebel, there is an Ahab letting her have her own way. We must begin to unite in our prayers for Jezebel is not one to just leave because she gets upset. She is relentless and devouring, she is cunning and leads people into idolatry and fornication. Take a close look at our candidates, look beyond the physical and the person and look into the spirit. Begin to ask Papa how to pray for our election, what His heart is and how to eradicate the spirits seeking to set themselves on high. We have been given all authority in Christ, it’s time we behaved like it.


Identified By Our Fruit

Identified By Our Fruit
Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves. You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act. Can you pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?…Yes, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so you can identify people by their actions (Matthew 7:15-16, 20 NLT).
This morning, while praying about the affairs and people of our government and such, I was reminded of something that happened last week. My grandson likes to have apples as his pre-bedtime snack, so I grabbed and washed a nice juicy one. I have an apple-slicer which makes his helping me cut it much easier, but in this case he decided I did not need his assistance. As I pushed the slicer through the apple, I was disgusted to see the entire inside brown and rotten. This apple did not have any appearance of rot, bruising, or holes anywhere on its outer skin. I was doubly glad he had wanted it sliced instead of taking a bite out of it. As I reached for another apple I was half expecting it to be rotted on the inside as well, but it was (thankfully) not.
This is a tumultuous political season we face, prayer is a great tool in discerning what is really going on. While I already know who will receive my vote, there are many still undecided. I am not writing to sway anyone in one direction or another. I am writing to say that the Lord will always reveal what is going on if we will pay attention. What may look and sound great on the surface could have absolute rot beneath. I buy organic apples, I expect them to not last as long, and I expect them to turn brown after cutting. I expect them to occasionally have worm holes and bruising, what I don’t expect is for them to be rotted from the inside. My prayer this morning was for a revelation of the motives and intents of the heart within all levels of government. This may be a presidential election year, but there are still other governmental offices to be elected that we mustn’t dismiss.
We can not let the fanaticism and cacophony of childish playground antics distract us from the larger issues facing us in both the natural and spiritual realms. We are already victorious, we need to blow away the smoke screen of the enemy and discern through the power of the Spirit, what is really going on behind the surface. Be aware of the tactics of our enemy, he always mixes a little truth with a lot of lie, twisting things to suit his purposes. As a church, we need to remind him that he is under our feet and defeated. His tactics are not new, they are not improved, they are the same as he’s always done.
Pay attention, Church, pay attention. Wake up and look with spiritual eyes at what is really at work. Shake off the mob mentality and group think, for too long we have stood powerless because we have allowed others to dictate what, how, when, where we should speak, react, minister, etc. Look for the fruit and then examine what fruit you find. Cut it open, dissect it, taste it and discern what it really is. Do not allow others to tell you what kind of fruit you have because they will surely tell you it’s an orange when you can clearly see it’s an apple. Just because we are told something is true does not mean it is. Ask the Holy Spirit, He guides us into all truth.
Look for, at and into the fruit. Toss away the imposters, eat and plant the seeds of the good.
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Field of Dreams


This morning the Lord showed me a picture of a field of flowers. It was beautiful and serene, there was just a hint of a gentle breeze as the flowers softly swayed. The field was a gorgeous display of color, some I recognized and some I have no words for. In the distance I could see snow capped mountains, with wispy fog along the base. It was neither cold, nor warm, I was comfortable. There was a blessed sense of peace. I bent down to smell the flowers and was overwhelmed by the beautiful sweet and spicy fragrance of each one. Even though there were flowers of the same species, each one had a different and unique scent, yet the scents did not clash with each other. I found them to be complementary. I heard the Spirit say “Pick one” so I did. As I held it in my hand, marveling at its beauty, I noticed it had my name and the word “write” on it. I picked another and another and another until I had a bouquet of different flowers, each with my name and a word.

“What does this mean?”

I heard the Lord say “This is the field of your dreams. Each dream is a planting of My Spirit within you; some have already been fulfilled, some are yet to come, and others will be fulfilled in your seed. Every dream and desire of your heart is here in this field. Even the weeds serve my purpose. Look around, though they seem the same, each flower in a species is a rendition of the dream I am fulfilling for you. Every step you take when you dream of the next level is a sweeter and better version of the one behind you. They are all here. Dream big, Child, I have so much more for you.

I don’t think I can adequately describe what this vision means to me, and not only me, but to each of us. How many dreams have we had which we thought were dead and we would never see come to fruition? How many dreams did we have we are glad were not fulfilled? King David wanted to build a house for the Lord, but the Lord told him he was not the one who would build it. Another in his lineage would (1 Chronicles 17). And the Lord fulfilled this. If He does it for one, how could He not do it for another? Dare to dream, and dare to dream big! Don’t give up on your dreams, all things are possible with God!

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires (Psalm 37:4 NLT).

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life (Proverbs 13:12).

Thoughts From the Deep

I realize I don’t post as many original thoughts as I used to, but that does not mean I am not thinking. 😊A few things I have been pondering and considering have been:

a) This political climate

b) The seemingly constant stream of media reports regarding outrageous acts of racial violence/bias against people

c) The (pharisaical) thinking that permeates most Christian comment feeds on news articles, personal opinion posts, blogs, etc. 

d) The constant flow of everyones (correct) thoughts and feelings about the state of things

There really isn’t very much about which I haven’t thought. I have not come to any specific conclusions regarding any of these particular thoughts, however there are some thoughts I’d like to share. You may or may not agree and that is okay. I’m not trying to win people to my side of things, I’m actually writing them out to process them. 
This political climate:
The Lord showed me a long time ago this would be a vicious political season. I also know He revealed there would be many surprises this election season. Some prayer points He gave me over the last two years:

  • Our borders – it is vital we have designated borders, that we pray for the lines and markers to be visible and protected; for the things that move in the dark to be blocked from crossing the border (in both directions); for a revealing of nefarious motives and enemy plans among those that have already entered this nation. We are to love the refugee, but we are to pray for God to reveal the hidden motives in the hearts of those who enter to destroy. 
  • Our governmental candidates – whether we like them or not, we are called to pray for ALL MEN, including our leaders. We do not have to agree with them, but we do need to cover them with prayer. By refusing to pray for our leaders, or praying manipulative prayers we have played into the devils hand. We are so much better than that! We should be hearing Gods heart and praying it back to Him regarding our government. We cannot call hellfire and brimstone down upon them because we dont personally agree with them. God desires all men be saved, and He can do it, we simply need to agree with heaven regarding our candidates. God hardened Pharohs heart on purpose, and He showed Saul the road to salvation; we know him as Paul the Apostle. Instead of condemning our candidates, raise them up to heaven and declare heaven in their life. I guarantee this is a much better way to pray. Bless, do not curse!
  • Our upcoming generations – the generations behind us will one day reap the harvest of our actions today. We must teach them the importance of prayer, seeking God and loving people. Not only the importance of, but how to do them effectively and in ways that depict the heart of Christ and leave the fragrance of heaven in their wake. We must also teach them to get involved in government, in leadership, in community, in secular work – to be where God has designed them to be. We must advocate for our children and teach them how to advocate for themselves, to push back when necessary, to question everything (testing the spirits), to stand for what they believe. They will learn these things by observing our generation. So, what are we standing for and what are we allowing to crush us?

The seemingly constant stream of media reports regarding outrageous acts of racial violence/bias against people

The Lord revealed to me last year that Satan seeks to start another civil war on a few fronts. The land of this nation has had so much innocent blood spilled upon it and it cries out for justice, the devil seeks to deafen our ear to the words of the Spirit concerning this by continually ripping off the scab when healing begins. He does it by using the voice of the media to continue bringing it up along with other voices. Please do not misunderstand me, my heart is very hurt for every victim and family, no matter the skin color, income level, race, creed, sexual orientation. No human deserves a brutal and violent death for any reason, and I know Gods heart weeps as well. We have got to see things on a spiritual level, sometimes more so than the natural. Some prayer points God has given me:

  • The blood in the land cries for justice, yet the Blood of Jesus is louder than any other cry, and it is a healing balm for the wounded. Declare the Blood of Jesus over our nation, draw a Bloodline around your neighborhoods, your workplaces, your families. We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Let us declare and decree both over our nation.  
  • Satan is a defeated enemy, we need to stop giving him the means to terrorize underhandedly, sneakily, or boldly. Prayer and pronouncing Gods word is one of the best ways to do this. Gods word NEVER returns void, EVER!
  • Stop agreeing with the negative reports, instead give aid to victims families. We have lost a precious person and they have lost a loved one. People are irreplacable and this is why we are precious in Gods sight. 
  • Pray for police on every level – pray that they have clarity of vision and self-control. Protection is not enough, I believe that some of the reported incidents were because Satan clouded the vision of the officer, making them see what wasn’t  really there. While praying for the police, pray for every encounter they have while on their shifts – safety, wisdom, self-control and for every traffice stop, incident report, house call, accident to be handled with dignity and integrity. Pray for those they respond to, that emotions will be kept in check and the encounter with the officer will result in a good outcome. Rebuke the spirit of death that Satan has sent to wreak havoc within our police departments and neighborhoods. Do not give it any more ground.

The (pharisaical) thinking that permeates most Christian comment feeds on news articles, personal opinion posts, blogs, etc. 

This one is a more recent thought. My heart cries for the believers who do not know how to respectfully disagree with each other, slinging condemnation and out-of-context Scripture at other believers. How does this give Jesus a pure Bride? We are cannabalizing each other. God desires us to be in unity, and again I say, we need to learn how to disagree with each other. Most of our issues are because of our personal perspective and personal (or generational/denominational) interpretation of Scripture. Anyone can find Scripture to back up a belief system, this is because Scripture is living and active, but we should not force our belief system on others. Jesus is our example, and while he was a maverick and challenger of thought in His day, He never once forced Himself on others. He spoke out against that very behavior. We are under a new covenant of grace, bought by the Blood of Jesus, and that grace that was given to us needs to be shared with others. It is the goodness and kindness of God that draws people to repentance, not our vitriolic responses and condemning comments to each other when we push our opinions and perspectives as truth. TRUTH and truth can sometimes be opposite things. Jesus is TRUTH and that is the only truth we should be speaking.

The constant flow of everyones (correct) thoughts and feelings about the state of things

We are all right in our own eyes. It is a wonderful thing we have the Holy Spirit to yank our chain once in a while. This particular thought, though, ties in with the one above. Sometimes the thoughts we have and the feelings we experience are not correct because we dont have the whole story. I have recently come to the conclusion that unless I seek the Lords thoughts, feelings and heart on the matter/person/situation, I have NO room to talk about it. Zero, Zilch, Nada. To speak about that which I have not prayed about, or went to the source for, is idle talk. It will always be misconstrued and can be tantamount to gossip. My opinion or insight is not a fruitful addition to any conversation if I only have half a picture. 

The Holy Spirit is truly our guide, and companion, He is steadfast and faithful; listening and following His lead will always result in a release of heaven. These are just a small peek into my mind and the considerations of my soul. You’re  welcome to agree or disagree, even sharing some of your own.

Stay In Your Lane

Stay In Your Lane
During my commute to and from work, it is not unusual to have the one driver who deems traffic moving along more slowly than liked. These drivers are the ones who are usually speeding and weaving in and out of all the traffic lanes. As I watched this dangerous display a few times this week, I began to sense the Lord speaking.

I heard the Lord say “Stay in your lane, do not try to move head of or around that which is front of you. I have plotted your course at an appropriate speed along the best route for the purpose I have set before you. To erratically change lanes with the intention of arriving ahead of schedule not only endangers you, but hinders the lessons I require you to learn as you travel. Pay attention to the road signs and traffic patterns, do not alter your course. I have specific rest stops and refreshment points along the way, including divine encounters and providential engagements. When you arrive at predetermined forks in the road, trust Me to show you which way to turn and what speed to travel. I AM with you.”
Papa wants us to enjoy the adventure and learn the lessons He has for us along the way. Trying to arrive at our destinations too soon keeps us from seeing the sights, meeting the people we need to meet and puts us in a position to block out what the Holy Spirit is saying because we are intensely focused on where we are going. 
Proverbs 16:9 A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps (NKJV)
Proverbs 3:6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. 

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