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SHARING: Prophetic Word Regarding President Trump & Intercessors – A Word by Joe Joe Dawson

When the Lord first told me to pray for this nation over jars of dirt almost two years ago, the main point was to bless and not curse. At all times. For all prayers. How I long for God’s people to fully grasp the power we have in our words. We may not agree with the person, but we must respect the office. It doesn’t matter who is in the office, it is a person who needs prayer. And the prayers we pray must be prayers of blessing, encouragement, to build up, to plant, to edify, to prophesy. Scripture tells us to pray for “all who are in authority…that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence” (1 Timothy 2:1-2 NKJV).

The below word just continues to reinforce the mandate I was given and I passed on to those of you who interceded along with me. Keep praying, keep blessing, keep moving forward.

I love you all!

Prophetic Word Regarding President Trump & Intercessors – A Word by Joe Dawson

Recently, I had a very powerful and profound prophetic dream about the United States of America’s President Donald Trump. As soon as I awakened from this dream, I felt an urgency in my spirit to release this dream to the American people. As soon as I woke up, I asked God to speak to me at a deeper level to give me clear insight on what I saw in the dream.

In the dream, it was as though I was seeing things from a heavenly realm and a higher perspective. The Lord showed me a live vision of President Trump and a number of our national leaders. The national leaders were leaders of many different divisions and departments of America as well as the Senators and Governors from numerous states, Republicans and Democrats alike. There was a hedge of protection around President Trump and the key leaders of America. It was as if an angelic host had created a sphere-like barrier around President Trump and the national leaders. Even though there was a huge demonic attack and presence surrounding these national leaders from every side and covering them, the hedge of protection was all around them and above them. They were completely protected from this demonic attack. It was as if they were enveloped in huge bubble of divine protection.

In the vision, the enemy was trying to find a way to penetrate the covering and the hedge of protection was getting smaller and weaker by the minute. The attacks, schemes and tricks of the enemy were getting closer and closer to our president and the national leaders. As these attacks were getting stronger and closer to President Trump and the different national leaders I could tell that the enemy was strategically trying to block out their clarity in decision-making and strike fear into the hearts of the leaders.

Then as I came out of the dream and began to wake up, the Lord showed me very plainly the plan that He has. The Lord said, “If the intercessors of America will arise in this hour the hedge of protection will become stronger. It will push back the resistance of the enemy.” The Lord spoke to me about telling the Christians to start praying like never before for a hedge of protection to grow around our president and the key leaders of America. We must pray that the Lord will release His angel armies to be dispatched to guard President Trump and our other national leaders. The Lord showed me that the stronger the hedge of protection is around our leaders, the farther away we can drive back the attacks of the enemy. The more wisdom and clarity our leaders have the more key decisions will be made. The enemy is trying to cloud and confuse their decision-making process but as we pray, the enemy will be defeated!

So many people in America are speaking word curses over our nation, our president, our senators, governors, officers, and other leaders. The Lord spoke to me to warn and teach people that these word curses are used mightily of the enemy. This is why the Lord said we must speak blessings out of our mouth over our nation. This is the season that the children of God through their declarations and prayers can bring change and a huge shift to America. Let no negative word come from your mouth over anybody in a governmental position. We must declare the kingdom of God to come forth in our nation, in this hour. The next 90 days will shape the rest of President Trump’s presidency. The next 90 days will be shaped by the intercessors and prayer warriors who are declaring and praying this hedge of protection and angelic host around our nation’s leaders. We must pray for America and our president. The next 90 days will help shape America for the next 30 to 40 years. I encourage everyone to fast and pray for America and our government leaders, as well of the leaders of the church of America, like never before!

Joe Joe Dawson

Word for Today

I heard the Lord speaking today to those on the fringe whom have been wounded, hurt, betrayed, abused, even those who have been mistreated by His people.
Genesis 16 tells the story of Hagar. God promised Abram to multiply his descendants, but Abram and Sarai were childless and past childbearing age. Sarai had the brilliant idea to help God, so she offered her Egyptian servant, Hagar, to Abram. When Hagar conceived, Scripture tells us she became quite contemptuous towards Sarai, so Sarai returned the harsh attitude and Hagar finally ran away. Hagar was found by the angel of the Lord near a spring of water. He asked her where she came from and where she was going. Hagar explained she was running away. The angel told her to return and submit to her mistress, among a few other things. After this exchange, Hagar said “You are the God who sees me” or “El Roi” and named the place “Beer-lahai-roi (which means “well of the Living One who sees me”).
I hear the Lord say, “I SEE you. I see YOU. I know every situation, every heart ache, every wound, every fall, every abuse, every word, every THING that has happened in your life. I know where you have been and I know where you are headed. I AM not here to mislead or misdirect you; I AM here to lead and direct you into the place of My Love and the chamber of My Heart. I know there have been wounds from others, including some by My Children, but I AM here to bind them up and bring you to wholeness and healing. I SEE the hurt that has been afflicted upon you and I want you to know that I AM working on your behalf. I AM at work in the background, underground, behind you and above you; you may not see, nor understand what I AM doing, but know that I AM working. My Child, I love YOU so much, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Would you let go of the hurt? Would you forgive those who hurt you? Would you look again for Me with fresh eyes? I know your heart, I know the longing to be loved and the yearning for acceptance. Come to Me. I have already loved you with an everlasting love, deeper than any ocean, higher than any mountain. Come to Me. Release the need to be an avenger and for revenge against those who hurt you. Forgiveness is freeing in ways you may not understand right now, but each step allows you to heal. Release yourself to My tender mercy and delicate hand. You no longer have to run away. In My Name is the shelter, refuge, acceptance and love your heart seeks. I have known you since before you were born and I lovingly crafted you with My hands. Come to Me in your storm. Come to Me in your fear. Come to Me in your weakness. Come to Me in your uncertainty. Come to Me and know that I SEE YOU and I LOVE YOU.”

Believing Our Words

06716d14a5e50e76ff84a12b669ad104-prayer-request-so-true.jpg I’ve had a recurring thought pop through my head lately, to which I’ve become more attuned and attentive. It has taken a few different shapes and gone through many iterations, yet, it has the same base. Do I truly believe the words I sing in praise/worship songs and those I confess from Scripture? Do I have them so ingrained in my heart that when I open my mouth I know those words are true and faithful? Scripture is filled with examples of the power our words hold, as well as admonitions and teachings on how best to use our words.

In the beginning Papa created the world by speaking it into existence. He spoke. He saw. power of wordsHe declared it was good. He created man in His image and His likeness, which means we also have the power to create with our words. Proverbs 18: 21 tells us death and life are in the power of the tongue and we will eat the fruit of it. It is very important we understand the words we choose are the words which shape our very atmosphere.

I am not writing about our word choices. What has so captivated my attention is my belief, or unbelief, in what I am declaring. My faith in God and His word. Words are declarations and decrees. Praise and worship songs, prayer, regular conversations, secular songs – all are declaration and decrees. What is it I truly believe when I lift my voice and sing?

tumblr_n0bxmuL9fb1swm1iso1_400As a church, when gathered in worship or when alone, do we believe the words we are singing? Are they making an impact in our hearts and lives? For example, when we sing “Nothing shall be impossible
Your kingdom reigns unstoppable
We’ll shout Your praise forevermore
Jesus our God unstoppable” (Unstoppable God, Elevation Church) are we actually grasping how unstoppable He is? Do we fully know that nothing is impossible with Him? Or, are we simply singing along because the words are in front of us and we aren’t really paying attention to what it says? Another example is Break Every Chain. In this one, we are declaring the power in the name of Jesus to break every chain. Are we understanding the depth in these few simple words? It is easy to become caught up in the snappy beat, or the heart-tugging melody, yet miss the richness and power of the lyrics. The opposite is also true, we may not care for the melody or beat and therefore, completely miss the powerful message of the words.

What I’ve been thinking about recently has been convicting. The Holy Spirit pointed out my deafness to my confession through song because of familiarity. The same of prayer. Don’t ever discount those dry places and seasons – they teach a lot! I lost the beauty and vision of God when I stopped paying attention and simply put myself on auto-pilot. I had a crises of faith, I suppose you could say. Since He spoke so sweetly to my heart about this, I have had a renewed interest in what comes out of my mouth and my attentiveness to it. Do I still have fails? Yes. I’m not perfect, but I’m perfectly human and divinely loved. I pay closer attention to the words I sing; and I believe He is who He says He is, He does what He says He will do and His Word is living and powerful and never returns void. I believe what I am declaring through song, through Scripture and through my word choices.

Do you believe?


Catching Up

It has been a while since I have posted. I have not forgotten you, my dear readers, not at all. Life has been a whirlwind at worst, and a waterfall at best these past few months, but life has happened.

Spiritually, I’m walking through a dry place. There have been a few oases and juicy cacti along the way; therefore, I’m not dehydrated. I call this my prep-zone. For what? I don’t quite know yet, but God does and that is good enough for me. This is the place from which I write today – it may be super-spiritual or it may not be. I’ll let you decide.

21316296_10159296757535092_8666714287359810682_oAlmost a month ago, our dog had puppies. We own both parents and it was an unintentional breeding. However, I am overjoyed at our bundles of joy! She had 5 beautiful pups, 3 boys and 2 girls. They all have forever homes when they are ready to go, and I am enjoying being a puppy grand-parent. They have been my focus for 3 1/2 weeks and now the real work will begin as we start the weaning and paper training process. They’ve developed teeth and discovered toes, so my feet aren’t safe!

I have also been busy finishing my next book. It is in the final edit process and I hope to have it published by the end of the month. I’m very excited about it. It is another devotional and I know it will bless many. I’m just in awe at the things God has done in my life with this. As a child I wanted to be a writer, among many other things, and to see this come to fruition is amazing. God truly is for me!

Along my journey in the dry place, I mentioned juicy cacti. Getting to the juice within has not been easy, yet it has been rewarding. I also mentioned life has happened. I won’t say life got in the way, it just happened. The way it always does. But, my journey and wrestle with life taught me a few things about my role as an intercessor and for that I am grateful.

  • Distractions happen. I have learned that my flesh can be a distraction. I’m a Mama Bear, I will confess it. My daughter was injured in a car accident while on vacation her first few days there; the following week she waited out Hurricane Irma. During this time of a) my inability to comfort my adult child and kiss her booboos & b) my inability to hold her hand during inclement and dangerous weather, God taught me a very important lesson. He’s got this. He does. Trust goes much deeper when trusting from afar. And you know what? He had it. He did. She and family are currently on their way home. The raging storm within myself was the first to be calmed when I spoke to the storm.
  • What I think I want and what God wants for me can often be different. I am okay with this. I recently thought I wanted a change in a particular area of my life. I put myself out there and searched for something new and different, and potentially more lucrative. I thought I found something, but there were warning bells going off. Now, I have ignored warning bells before and this time I took heed and paid attention. I may not know what my future looks like, but if God tells me to wait it out, then I am content to wait it out. I have rushed ahead before and eaten the fruit of it. Begrudgingly.
  • I know what I am anointed to do. It’s not everything. I have always been the type of person to not ask for help because it is simply easier to do it myself and therefore taking on way more than I should. Delegation was never my strength. I am learning that I do have limitations. I wasn’t gifted in all areas and “no” is an anointed word. It is okay to hand something off to someone either more qualified, or simply has the time to take care of it. Keeping my peace is easier now.

Everyone’s calling is different. The basics of ministry may be similar, but the details are suited to the individual. I am reaching a place where conventional kisses unconventional and I am okay with the outcome. I’ve never been one to stick to the norm, I like peculiar and expressive things. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m His. That is all that matters anyway. Heaven invades my earth and I embrace it with my arms wide open. Jesus told us not to worry, He didn’t suggest it. So what He said, I will do. It makes life so much easier when life happens. I’m advancing the Kingdom. One. Unique. Step. At. A. Time.


No Criticism

Romans 14:10-13

It’s beyond time that we, as the Church, stopped criticizing and cannibalizing our own. Oh I have heard the arguments “examine the fruit”. Yet, are we actually looking at our own tree as well? I’ve learned over the years that sometimes the best and sweetest fruit is hidden in ugly and unlikely skins which are often mistaken for rotten. I have also seen the opposite to be true; the fruit is beautiful and plentiful but rotten at the core. It really depends on whether or not an actual dissection of said fruit is performed.

You may not agree with the outward appearance of a ministry, or a person, or how someone approaches their Kingdom service, but you should never criticize. If there is something legitimately wrong, pray for God to intervene. He already sees what is happening; He doesn’t need help.

We do a great disservice to the Body of Christ, and the pre-believer, when all we talk about and argue for is what we are against and what we find fault with. Who wants to be associated with that?

Perhaps the real issue for all the criticism is jealousy and envy. Perhaps it is because someone is stepping out in faith and preaching a message more in line with an ambassador of Jesus. Maybe it scares us because it doesn’t reflect our particular doctrinal view. Perhaps it is the realization that Grace is not a tool used to control others and truly is liberating. We will not know until we let go of all we think we know and allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide. He is the one who leads us into all truth; sometimes that path will have different perspectives and points of view than what we have been taught in the confines of our particular churches. However, He will never stray from the fundamental truth of the Gospel, He will never complicate or over-theologize it, and it will always have Love at the core.

God is Love.

Love covers.

Love conquers.

Love completes.

Jesus, the Son of God, was born of a virgin woman.

He suffered horrifically, died, and was resurrected after three days so that our belief in Him and what He did for us gives us life eternal with Him.

He is seated at the right hand of God and, as believers, we are seated with Him.

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