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No Need to Worry: Morning Minute Message 12/31/18

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No Mistake Here, I Deleted My Facebook Profile

I’m an introvert. I’ll take email and text messages over phone conversations and group interactions any day. When I discovered Facebook 10 years ago, I was all over it. I dove in head first and no holds barred. It was my platform for sharing my thoughts, pictures, family life, day to day happenings, my fiber arts skills and whatever else I fancied. With Facebook Memories, I could relive those moments (or cringe at some of the stuff I posted) over again. I have met and befriended wonderful people through social media and been able to keep up with distant family. Those relationships are solid and commumication has extended outside the Facebook-verse. However wonderful it is to see what everyone in your circle is doing, it was never a satisfying option and often I would find myself fighting depression and disappointment because I, or my expectations of otthers, didn’t measure up to the lives being shared online.

Over the years I have taken social media fasts and/or deactivated accounts, only to jump right back in after a relatively short break. While praying about what God has to say about 2019, part of what He began speaking to me was the conviction that my Facebook usage was a major time waster and distraction (I’ll post the rest soon). This was not a surprise as I have been feeling less enchanted with social media for a while now. I deleted my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts years ago, having found them useless, and last year I deleted my Instagram for almost the same reason.

As I began telling Papa what I wanted to accomplish in this next year, He was showing me how my connection and addiction to scrolling my Facebook feed was keeping me from accomplishing it all now. My devotional time was cut into a fraction of the time I used to spend and it is limited already. The constant tug of “what is everyone doing” was always hovering on the fringe of my bible study and more often than not, I’d start scrolling. That’s all He needed to tell me.

My time with Him is precious and I am convinced that I will not accomplish anything if I allow the distraction social media provides. Is it harmless? Well, I’m not sure, but like Paul said it may be lawful, but it’s not edifying or helpful to me (1 Corinthians 10:23). You may feel different, and that is okay. I’m not here to convict you to delete yours.

In the few days since I deleted my profile, the urge to scroll and poke into the lives of others has lessened each day and I find myself meditating on Papa’s word more, listening to Him speak and enjoying my family and surroundings more. I plan to become more intentional and present in my relationships and endeavours.

What word has He given you for 2019 and how is it impacting you today?

Shalom! ❤️

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Presence Position Power

Three words have been repeating themselves. Power. Position. Presence. Over and over, realigning as they repeated until they were in this order:


The Lord is speaking something quite amazing and simple. When we seek His PRESENCE – to come up higher, dive deeper, dwell with Him, commune intimately with Him – then He POSITIONS us. Like a master chess player, He puts us right where He purposes us to be. What this looks like is not the same for every person – remember, we are a unique portion of a whole, but we each have a specific POSITION. It is in this position where we are given POWER. Power does not look the same for each person either, we are not clones of each other, but different facets of our Father. We are made in His likeness, in His image, but we are not cloned.

Because the words kept realigning themselves as I listened, I realized that many of us are out of alignment with God. Many of us search for position first. This is because we’ve been taught that we must be in the right place to receive power or Presence. Oh, how we have strayed by believing this! Position does not guarantee the presence or power of God, nor does it make us more effective in our purpose.

Some of us seek power first. We believe power gives us the ability to do what we think we should be doing. This is why there are so many “uncalled” leaders and people in the wrong ministry area. Ooh, did I just say that? Yes, I did. Throughout the Body, there are many trying to function in places they are NOT called to be in. This is one of the reasons for weak or failed ministries and why we often see religious tyranny within ministries.

There are some who seek the Presence first, but want power before position and lose sight of the journey. This is a dangerous place, and one that often breeds a hard heart toward the things of God.

Church, we must come back into proper alignment. Scripture gives examples. Joseph was intimately acquainted with the Lord, yet he was sold into slavery and ended up a servant in Egypt. Yet, everywhere he wound up, he was given a position of power. God’s Presence in Joseph’s life Positioned him to be Powerful and ultimately led to the growth of the Israelite people. Had God not positioned Joseph in Egypt the way He did, the Israelites would have compromised themselves in Canaan and not become the people God desired them to be.

David was another. He was described as a man after God’s own heart, and he was continuously in the Presence of the Lord. Because of this, he was anointed as King. However, it was years of Positioning before he stepped into Power.

Christ, who ultimately is the One we should strive to be like, came from the Presence of the Lord and walked among us. Even while He walked the earth, He was in constant communion with our Heavenly Father. While we do not know the details of His childhood, I believe this was His Positioning period and when He was in Position, we know He walked with Power!

Wake up, stand up, get into alignment with what God is doing! Seek His PRESENCE, let Him POSITION you and walk in POWER!

Shalom 🙂

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